The Calling Software with Customer portal

  • make it your own https://yourcompany
  • includes a self service portal for your customers
  • can work with your CRM
  • makes prospection easy and fun!

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Stop doing that boring weekly reporting stuff

With the built-in customer portal, customers can:

  • Follow up results
  • Edit and manage campaigns
  • Set mail notifications
  • Link to their CRM and e-mail

The customer portal is designed specifically for end customers to follow up on the results of their campaigns

They have a live view of call notes, call logs, sales appointments and the opportunity to edit a call status or add notes to a company. Export to Excel included.

Stop Calling Strangers

You’ll notice a higher conversion rate from call agents who use the tools to reach the actual decision maker, look up a company in advance and adapt their story to relevant news.

Calling Guru offers them the tools to:

  • look up the stakeholder’s profile on LinkedIn
  • check the company's website
  • get the latest news on the company
  • and much more…

These features are mainly geared to B2B and provide an edge on these types of projects.

Chill. When something important happens, we’ll let you know right away.

Your customer and team leaders are notified of important events:

  • a quotation request that requires additional work
  • a prospect that can meet tomorrow: we’ll send an SMS to the sales rep just to make sure
  • campaign budget overruns
  • and much more…

So you can focus on the quality of your operations. Or your own sales. Or rest. It’s really up to you, we won’t judge.

Calling Guru talks to your (customer’s) CRM

The API allows you to assign leads, send notes and call data back to Pipedrive and change leads from funnel after a first call or appointment.

The API allows you to assign leads based on a custom property field, send notes, appointments and call logs back to Hubspot on company level.

The API allows you to assign leads based on a specific owner, send notes, sales appointments and call logs and tasks back to Salesforce.

The API allows you to assign calls or leads and send notes, sales appointments and call logs back to Teamleader on company level.

Using another CRM or invested in a custom made CRM? No problem. Use our open API source to create your own flow.

No PhD required to onboard & manage your team

Work with internal or freelance teams without hassle:

  • A new agent simply creates an account
  • You assign a campaign to the call agent
  • Call agent accepts
  • They simply call within the browser. Nothing to set up.
  • Calling Guru registers all activity, so you can pay by minutes worked, or pay by day - it’s up to you

The Call Agent Portal is designed specifically for call agents and provides them with everything they need and nothing more.

Yes, it even does your e-mail too

We didn’t stop after we had built the cool stuff. We also did the stuff you already know from our competitors:

  • you can sync with Office 365, G Suite, or an old e-mail system. Have fun with that.
  • oh yes, it does e-mail templates....
  • ...but please, just let your customer configure it in their own portal. It’s super easy.
  • you can search and edit contacts. Your customer can too. It’s like Google for your contact list.
  • and other hard to get right but done right stuff is available. Check it out, people!

How to run your call center with Calling Guru