What you can do to target new countries, today!

The easiest way to start prospecting abroad is to employ a freelancer who is local and is specialized in prospection. You can find them on multiple platforms, such as Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, goLance.com. These are well known, but often there are also local websites that may offer more quality. It’s essential to have a good talk with a potential freelancer, to make sure it’s a good fit and there’s enough quality and experience.

Not without a plan

Because a local campaign is quickly setup if you have enough experience, it is easy to forget that you probably lack background about the target region. It’s often best to talk strategy with the freelancer and reward them for the local business intelligence. Also, closely follow up the results of the first 100-200 calls and discuss daily with the call agents what can be improved. Compare the results with local campaigns and see where you may have room for improvement.

Or make a quick start with an agency

A agency within your target region ticks all  the boxes of what is required to make your campaign a success. The do the recruitment, follow-up, QA, it’s a lot more simpler than doing all this by yourself. An idea is to learn from then and then decide how you continue the prospection efforts.

We make it as convenient as we can for you

You can invite freelancers, agencies, to your own Calling Guru instance.

By default, the English language pack is configured next to the Dutch one. Yeah… Dutch! But let’s say you want to have Spanish, Portugese, French, German… just let us know and we can activate it for you. Each person can work in their language of choice. Our software is ready for Right to Left languages but in all honesty – we didn’t have the honor yet. So challenge us please!