Introduction & Scope

Calling Guru provides connections with the most popular CRMs and e-mail systems. The number of systems is expanding rapidly, but if you’d like support for a specific system you can always drop us a line at info @

Using a CRM integration

Using a CRM integration allows to sync contacts, meetings, notes, … between the CRM and Calling Guru automatically. 

While doing your best prospection work within Calling Guru, you can rest assured that your CRM stays up-to-date. 

Typically, the CRM will act as the source of truth

This means that you

  • upload your prospection list in the CRM 
  • import that prospection list in Calling Guru
  • do your prospection work
  • done. Or, you can also delete that list from your CRM and only continue with the valuable contacts

    CG will send meetings, tasks, notes.. to the right contacts in the CRM.


Using an e-mail integration

Using e-mail integration allows to send emails to prospects, for example to deliver a quote, info mail, meeting request, etc.