E-mail (Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, Gsuite)

Calling Guru supports OAuth authentication for the most popular e-mail services. The connection allows Calling Guru to send e-mails without storing passwords or having access to other parts of the account. In most cases, Calling Guru will even not need rights to read e-mail. 

As the procedure is similar for all systems, we choose Office 365 as an example 

1. Connect 

These steps are done in the Customer Zone. So, as a customer, you can do them yourself. Or as an admin, navigate to the Customer Zone first.
  • Click on Connections
  • Click on the system you want to connect with for example Office 365
  • Click on Create Connection
  • Click on Connect with…
  • Authenticate with the e-mail service.
  • After completion, you’ll be redirected to Calling Guru
  • Depending on your company’s IT policy, it’s possible that the connection is pending and has to be approved by your IT department.
  • you’re done!
  • You can send a test mail to yourself to make sure everything’s working

2. Setup the template e-mails

Next, you can setup the template you’d like to use for info mails, meeting mails.