Important Concepts / Terminology

Calling Guru tends to keep things simple, however some basic knowledge is handy;

Admins, Call Agents, Customers use the same page to login:

Depending on that login, the user is directed to one of the zones:

Customer Zone: for customers, can submit and follow campaigns, connect to their CRM to upload contacts, set e-mail preferences etc. The idea is that the Customer can create the campaigns, uploads call list, …

Call Agent Zone: for call agents, has all the tools to accept & do campaigns that are offered by the Admin and nothing that can distract.

Admin Zone: for… admins, with a focus on settings and reporting. Admins assign campaigns submitted by the customer to the right call agent. An admin can login on the Customer Zone of a customer to create a campaign or check results. An Admin can also login to the Call Agent Zone to assist.

Typically as an admin, you’ll switch often between the 3 zones during the day. There are no different URLs to go to, no different platforms… you can just continue to work in the same browser screen.

Customers and Call Agents stay in their own Zone.